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Tips for Selling a Business

As a California Business Broker, I hear frequently, "do you have any tips for selling a business?" Here I will share with you some great advice that may help you position your business so that ...

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Southern California Businesses For Sale

Southern California Businesses For Sale - Listings. View my current client engagements. Our firm successful business owners who desire to sell a business...

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About This Site

How my Site Build It Site exploded my Real Estate Business. I went from brand new to in the TopTen nationwide due to my SBI site. If you are in Real Estate you need to take a look at this powerful..

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Help Selling a Business - The Process

Do you need help selling a business. Learn about the process - from the initial meeting with your broker to the close of...

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Selling a Small Business

Your California Business Broker discusses: Have you considered selling a small business? If you are like most business owners, the the thought has crossed your mind. Learn why some businesses...

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Buying a Business

Many people are interested in buying a business. A California Business broker shares tips and advice for buying a small or medium sized business. How to locate, price and make an offer on a business.

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How to Buy a Business - The Blog

Buying a small business is like buying a job. With the economy struggling more people than ever are considering buying a business. Yet, many people are confused and intimidated about the process. Let's face it, buying a business is risky. The first thing you can do to improve your odds is to educate yourself.

That is why I have created a new blog that is dedicated to buying a business. Over the next months I plan to do several series of post that discusses all the different aspects of buying a business. It is totally interactive. If you have questions about buying a business you can ask questions and have them answered.

Take a look!

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Business Information Non Disclosure Request

Click here to receive more information regarding our listings. You will be able to access our Non Disclosure Agreement. Thank you for your interest.

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Buying a Business Tips

Read a insider's buying a business tips. Educate yourself on the process of buying or selling business opportunities...

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California Business Broker : 5 Points to Consider

Your California Business Broker discusses 5 points to consider when selling your business. Maximize the value of your business, view this video before selling your business. Cutting edge strategies.

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Selling a trucking business

Selling a Trucking Business? We specialize in selling privately owned transportation related businesses. We have extensive contacts with private, institutional and industry buyers who would like...

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Selling a Restaurant

Considering Selling a Restaurant ? Learn about our capabilites and marketing strategies. We can generate results for your business! Take a look.

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Business Broker In California

We are Business Brokers In California who facilitates the sale, merger and acquisition of small and medium sized businesses. If you are looking for professionals who will...

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California Business Broker: Selling a business common questions

A California Business Broker answers the most frequently asked questions about selling a small business in California.

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California Business Broker : Marketing Strategies

On California Business Broker .com we reference marketing numerous times. We discuss our marketing strategies and why they are ssiness the execution of the marketingo effective. When selling....

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California Business Broker : Selling a small business - Financing

As a California business brokers we work with clients that are interested in buying a business or selling a business. Read about how deals are financed and how this impacts the bottom line..

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California Business Broker : 7 Things to Consider When Buying a Business

Welcome to California Business Broker .com. View 7 Things to Consider When Buying a Business. View the video and learn insiders tips on the purchasing of a business...

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California Business Broker : Working with a Business Broker

Do you need a California Business Broker when you are searching for a business to buy? See how a business broker can help and when you need one and when you do not.

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Buying, Selling, Business Questions, Answers and Advice

Buying or Selling a Business? Take a look at our forum where you can confidentially ask a question and get expert advice free! No personal information is required.

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Buy a Business Seminar

Our Buy a Business Seminar will teach you how to buy a small business the right way. Let us show you how you can reduce the risk and increase your ROI and probability of success. Designed for all..

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