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We are excited to now offer a one-day, comprehensive "how to buy a business" seminar. If you are considering buying a business this event is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

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Are you interested in learning how businesses are really bought and sold? Would you like to own a small business but are not sure how to buy a business? Do you want to buy a business but are concerned about the risk involved? Are you not sure if buying a business is right for you? Are you worried about paying too much for a business? Do you consider yourself a serious buyer but are not sure where to begin.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to attend our one day, information packed business buyer learning event.

This event is designed for prospective business buyers, of all backgrounds, who want to get the inside track on the process of buying a business. The event does not focus on any specific business opportunities, but rather is designed to educate buyers on the process of buying a business.

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The Seminar Fee is $299. which includes the one day program, the 100+ page companion guide, resource worksheets, and limited phone or email support. We offer a $20 discount for early registration and a $50 discount for two or more registrants.

No events are scheduled at this time but several other events are being planned and are coming soon! To be informed about the next event click on the link below and you will be notified!

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Ten Reasons to make time to attend

1. The Event is designed to provide you everything you need to know to take on a small business acquisition. We have designed the course to be chock full of straight-forward useful information, case studies and resources that you can use right away. Our goal is to have you leave feeling empowered with information and ready to begin your search.

2. Investing in a small business can be very rewarding, both personally and financially BUT there is significant risk involved. Risk cannot be eliminated but buying a business is all about reducing and mitigating the risk. We spend a significant amount of time showing you how to manage the risk involved in buying a small business.

3. It is up to you. Brokers, accountants, lawyers and consultants can all advise you as to how to proceed but the ultimate decision is yours. Additionally, conducting diligence is the buyers responsibility. No one will guide you through it - you need to be informed.

4. Timely information. We provide you the most current and timely information. SBA lending and the business environment is always changing. You can be assured that the information we provide is accurate - unlike other guides that were written years ago.

5. The processes and practices of buying a business vary by location. We information that we provide is unique to your area.

6. The Economy. The economic environment is challenging right now. It is also one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative buying opportunities in years.

7. Take the next step, invest in yourself and your future. Make this year the year that you get serious about your search.

8. Buying a business is a big financial decision. The fee for our seminar is a fraction of the cost of a small business purchase. Before you invest your life savings, invest a little money and some time and learn from our experience.

9. Unbiased information! Due to demand we are not currently taking on any buyer clients. Our interest is to educate you, not sell you one of our listings - that is why this is a fee-based event and we do not present our listings. Think of it like a full day of consulting at a very competitive price.

9. It's guaranteed. After the event, if you feel that you have not been adequately prepared to take on a small business acquisition we will refund your fee. No questions asked no games - we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your experience.

Have More Questions? Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about our Seminars.

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