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Are Private Equity Groups interested in small businesses? Many Private Equity Groups, (PEG), are very attracted to high growth niche companies. Some like to acquire several brick and mortar companies and "roll them up" into one large company.

How can you know if your business is a good candidate? Truthfully, you will never know unless you get your information in front of decision makers.

California Business Broker .com has formed a strategic alliance with a web portal firm that allows us to send confidential listings to investment groups, private equity firms and strategic buyers to expose your business to these groups. It allows us access to their database where we can see which firms are looking to pursue a specific transaction. Once we have selected which firms would be good candidates we are able to instantly send our 'blind" profile directly to the key decision maker.

This alliance provides access to hundreds of PEGs.

Most PEGs are interested in businesses with a minimum revenue of 5M and a well established organizational infrastructure.

Do you think your business would be a good candidate? Call today for a confidential consultation.

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