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Are you Considering Selling Your Business? If so learn how you can maximize the Value of your Business.

Here is what a recent client, whose business we just sold, had to say:
"Ron we can not tell you enough how great it was working with you. You exceeded all of our expectations. We have already told others about you if they ever decide to sell their business. You did a fantastic job and we too found working with you to be a pleasure. Thank you again."

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Special Feature: Why Businesses Fail to Sell

Only 1 in 3 businesses listed sell...Why?

1. Poor or No Records. When examining a business, buyers only see uncertainty and risk. Good, verifiable records speak to the stability of your business. Records are also essential to obtain financing.

2. Business not Priced Appropriately. Most businesses are marketed in a "blind" fashion, meaning that not all of the information is released to the public. So, for a buyer to get a true sense of your business he or she needs to respond to the marketing. If a business is not priced correctly, they will not respond and thus will never really take a closer look.

3. The owner "is" the business. In some cases, the business relies so heavily on the owner that the two cannot be separated.

4. The business is not marketed appropriately. Some businesses need to be marketed to a specific type of buyer - not the public. In these cases, a specific marketing plan needs to be developed.

5. Time and surprises. Buyers have no incentive to rush. The process must keep moving! The business also needs to continue to run normally - any dramatic changes might scare a buyer off.

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