Selling a Business Marketing: Step Three, Developing the Marketing Plan

When selling a business marketing the business is very important. Welcome to step three in the process of selling your business. At this point, the business is listed and you have secured the services of your "California Business Broker." At this stage you and I will discuss the marketing plan and howto best execute it.

Note, that I recommend the business owner to be involved in this process. I want accurate information to be circulated. I have found that by showing the business owner the marketing plan, often they will have useful suggestions to make the effort more productive. This may take some additional effort for me, but I feel strongly that this is worth it.

The key is to provide buyers with the key items that they are looking for. Revenue, SDE, industry, general location, and a executive summary. The key with all of the marketing is to promp the buyer to act - "give them enough information to spur them into action."

I discuss how a business is marketed in the "Selling" section. But to recap:

Internet: The majority of our inquiries for main street and upper main street businesses come via the internet. When I say internet, I mean: the various business for sale websites (some are better than others), our corporate website & my personal website. The truth is that for many buyers, the easiest means of looking for a business is online.

My Network of Cooperating Brokers: I have a policy of cooperation. By disbursing my listings to other brokers I gain access to their qualified buyers.

Proactive Marketing: For some clients it is appropriate to actively search for strategic buyers for their business. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Direct mail, targeted advertising, networking...the list goes on. As your independent third party we can approach potential buyers or sellers and work on your behalf - while you remain anonymous. These efforts are tailored to the specific business and industry.

My Unique Methods: I have several unique, innovative and proactive ways that I find buyers.

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As I have mentioned on other pages, the marketing effort is a very important step the sale of a business. Please do not misunderstand, structuring the transaction, dealing with roadblocks and negotiating the deal are all very important steps, BUT, if the business is not effectively marketed then a buyer will never come forward and the process will never even get to these steps.

If you are looking for a broker who can market your business and provide results, then contact me. Let me develop and execute a marketing plan for your business.

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