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Inland Empire Business broker - serving all of Southern California.

We are business brokers affiliated with the VR Business Broker network. VR is the most established and professional nationwide business broker network. There has been more businesses sold by VR than any other business broker network.

We focus on the Inland Empire, but have clients throughout Southern California.


VR was established in 1979 to fill the void between realtor and investment banker. The vision of VR was to bring the level and caliber of service that large businesses enjoy - to main street and medium sized companies. Early VR franchisees established the IBBA , the International Business Broker Association, essentially creating the modern business broker profession. VR continues to be the leader in this industry, promoting the profession and bringing value and resources to business owners.

VR has offices across the United States and in fact, around the world. In Southern California VR has 10 offices and over 60 business brokers. For our clients this means a unparralelled level of exposure for your business - both locally and nationwide.


The men and women of VR SoCal constitute the leadership in the business brokerage industry. There some differences between VR and the competition. Some major differences are...

The VR offices in Southern California have a policy of cooperation. That means that if a broker in the South Bay has a buyer for my listing in the Inland Empire the broker and I can work together to move the deal forward. Other companies - the brokers will not cooperate. Often they will not cooperate with other brokers even within their own office.

VR has a common listing system. Other brokers, in the Inland Empire, Southern California or across the US, can login and view my listings to present to their buyers. No other brokerage or broker has this capability.

Not only does VR brokers cooperate they do not compete with one another. For some brokers their biggest competitor is another office in the same brokerage network.

VR has an extensive portfolio of proprietary resources - tools that brokers use to get deals closed.


Many business owner are not aware that some business brokers will not cooperate with other business brokers. That means that there could be a qualified buyer who is ready to buy your business, cash, that is turned away because that buyer is represented by a broker. Why? Greed. The listing broker does not want to spilt the commission. They would rather wait until they found a buyer and then they double their payday.

Sound crazy? Sound unethical? I believe that it is. This, however, happens all the time. I will cooperate with any professional business broker, who brings forward a qualified buyer.* I vow to always put the needs of my client ahead of my own. In addition, some statistics show that 60% of businesses never sell. So I would rather make 50% of something than 100% of nothing.

*My definition of a "professional business broker" is a business broker who's full time profession is the practice of selling businesses. In addition, other brokers should licensed by the California Department of Real Estate and a member of CABB or IBBA.

Each VR office is independently owned and operated. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the opinion of VR Business Brokers or Venture Investors Business Group, Inc. - This page was optimized for Inland Empire Business Broker.

If you are looking for an Inland Empire Business Broker or are considering selling your business please contact me. Let us show you how we and the resources of VR can help find buyers for your business.

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