Los Angeles Business Broker

Looking for a Los Angeles Business Broker? In addition to the innovative marketing techniques that I utilize there are several other reasons to choose our firm to be your Los Angeles Business Broker.

Communication Too often business brokers get a new client and then disappear. As the saying goes," a surefire way to get a broker to stop calling is to list with them." I pledge to keep in consistent contact with you, to fully explain what I am doing to sell your business and to fully communicate my plan to get your business sold.

Integrity Many business brokers put their interest ahead of their clients. My goal is to develop and foster solid broker- client relationships - so that once we sell your business you will recommend us to other business owners.

Problem Solving Brokers need to be problem solvers. Every transaction presents challenges. We believe that this is an area where we excel. We pledge to address and overcome problems along the way.

Salesmanship We have written extensively about marketing on this website. Marketing is very important. Once a buyer makes contact, the broker needs to have the skills to push the deal forward. I come from a strong sales background. We have extensive experience working with prospects and we have a history of closing deals. Truthfully, the deal must make sense for the buyer, but a broker can go a long way in making the deal happen. We pledge to diligently follow up on every lead, persist and overcome buyer objections , and strive to get you the very highest price possible for your business.

We have been there before Many of our brokers are current or former business owners themselves. We know what it is like to battle through tough times and celebrate the successes. We understand the challenges of employees, expenses, balancing the books, and dealing with customers. We understand just how difficult it is to build and maintain a successful business. We pledge to respect your business, your confidentiality, your employees and your wishes.

Better yet - If you could use the services of a Los Angeles Business Broker why not set up an appointment today to learn more. There is no fee to meet, price your business and develop a marketing plan. If you are considering selling your business...don't wait, contact us today.

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