Selling a Restaurant in Southern California

Why you should choose us to help sell your Southern California restaurant?

Expert Valuation

As mentioned before pricing a restaurant for sale is very important. Our industry expertise can help see value where others may not.

2. Marketing Strategies

Our extensive buyer database, strong internet presence and proactive marketing strategies means unparalleled exposure for our clients.

3. Problems and Solutions

There are often bumps in the road during a business transaction. The key is to either avoid or quickly solve these problems. Our goal is to keep the transaction moving to avoid any unnecessary time delays. When selling a restaurant time is the enemy. Too much time and a buyer may reconsider.

4. Internet Exposure

The reality of today's restaurant sales is that this is very much an online industry. Just like you have gone to the internet in order to find a broker to help you sell your restaurant, buyers go to the internet in order to find the right restaurant to buy. Our strong internet presence means unparalleled exposure for our clients.

Buyer Database

Because of our capabilities, we have an extensive database of screened, qualified buyers.

6. No Upfront Fees

We are very confident in our abilities and thus we never charge any upfront fees for any of these services. We only earn our fee if we are successful.

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