Buying a Business Seminar FAQs

Buying a Business Frequently Asked Questions:

Will current business opportunities be presented? NO! No business for sale listing (ours or others) will be presented. We will show sold business as case studies to demonstrate how deals are structured. There are no products or services sold at the event. Upon request and upon receipt of a signed Non Disclosure Agreement attendees will be provided a list of opportunities that they can take home.

Will we be asked to sign up a clients? NO! We will not ask you to sign up as clients. Matter of fact, due to the popularity of this event we are not taking on additional buyer clients. (as of June '08)

Why should I attend? Won't the business broker tell me what I need to know? A business broker's job is to get the business sold and to keep the process moving. They get paid when the deal closes! There are excellent, knowledgeable business brokers working in this field but their job is to facilitate information and put buyer and seller together not coach buyers. It is best to be prepared. Considering many businesses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars ( some millions ) this is a small investment of time and money.

What does the fee include? Attendees also receive our 100 page companion guide. Attendees also get access to our download center that has access to all of the reproducible resources that we highlight in the course. Attendees also get ongoing phone support, if needed, during the search for the perfect business.

What is this about phone support? We offer ongoing support for former attendees. Many attendees want a "second opinion" regarding businesses that they have narrowed down in their search. If and when you are ready to make an offer on a business we will help you with the decision , offer suggestions and tips - all for free! This is covered at the event.

I am considering a franchise. I am not sure if buying an existing business is right for me. Is this event right for me? YES! All kinds of franchises are available as re-sales. This course can help you locate and purchase an existing franchise. We cover the unique facets of purchasing an existing franchise. We will also cover the pros and cons of buying an existing business and the differences of franchises and business opportunities. You owe it to yourself to explore all options.

I don't have any experience running a business, or in accounting, in finance, etc. etc. ... is this event for me? We do cover business valuation which involves very basic accounting principles. We have coached people with no business experience and we feel that anyone can successfully buy a business and be very successful.

I am really not sure what kind of business I want to buy, will this event help me? YES ! This situation is very common. Choosing what type of business and which exact business to buy is a very personal decision. We will cover different industries and types of businesses, discuss pros and cons, and discuss the intricacies of acquiring these types of businesses. Every business is unique but the process of buying a business is the same.

I have noticed that some brokers offer seminars for free and you charge - what gives? Many brokers offer seminars as a marketing tool. Our format is different. This is why we have a policy of not presenting our listings or asking buyers to become clients. We believe that we can give buyers the tools that they need to find the ideal business. Then, later, if needed, we offer ongoing support. We can then provide unbiased advice as our commission is not on the line! Our buyer services operate on a consulting model and by doing it in a group setting it is more affordable!

What if something comes up and I cannot make it? Seating is very limited and most dates and locations fill up quickly. A full refund is available up until 7 days before the event. Within 7 days of the event and we have people on the waiting list we will take them and provide you a full refund. Any Refunds are subject to 12% credit card processing fee. (We do not charge the fee company that we use to process the cards does)

I cannot make the next event. Will you let me know when new events become available or when you are coming to my area? YES! We understand that not all time or locations work for everyone. Additional events are planned and we are coming to other areas as well. To be notified when new events become available in your area enter your information below.

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